Steven Todd

Executive Producer

Todd has had 36 jobs, including 30 years as a postman, but his heart has always been in theatre. He hasn’t a single qualification, his scripts are handwritten, and he can’t boast of his achievements here, because he hasn’t any. Nonetheless, the dozens of plays he’s written, directed and appeared in have indubitably changed lives. A list of the plays wot he wrote appears at the foot of this page.

Todd making the head of the Arts Council an offer he is going to think twice before refusing.

Melissa Todd

Head of administration

Melissa has a similarly chequered history and even less to boast about. But her background is entertainment, and she’s got plans. 

Hannibal Lecter


Even short plays like Jean Anouilh's 'The Lark' need a break for light refreshments. We never know what Hannibal will provide for eats, but one thing is for sure; it will be accompanied by a nice Chianti.


Plays that Todd has written in the past


The Pope's pants

Duck (Son of the Pope's pants)

Diary of a lad mad in his pants

Pants off to Larry

Taste this, mmmm, good isn't it?

Anne in spectacles

Handsome Jack's Folly

The Klister sisters

Choosing a newt

I blame Eve

The Maltese Falcom

Up on Fordham Hill

Because of the moon

Going to San Diego

Todd: Magic Geezer.

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Melissa R Todd Broadstairs.

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