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Todd is working on a new play (so no surprises there). Annoyingly, he won't tell us what it's about until it's finished. However, based on past performance, it will be well worth the wait.

Currently hoping to debut at the Gravesend Fringe Festival, August 2020, but it's not set in stone.

Two for the price of one

Coming in November there will be a double bill of two new plays surrounding a short break when patrons might care to partake of a glass of water.

For dates and locations, please see the bottom of the page.

An Aunt too many

Starring Steven Todd, Geoff Holden, Janice Biggs, and Jon Carr



A supernumerary aunt

Aunts are the bane of Bertie Wooster’s life. So when he discovers he has one more then he knew about, his enjoyment of life is sorely challenged, and worse, Jeeves seems disinclined to help. A play celebrating two of P G Wodehouse’s finest creations.

Right of Entitlement 

Starring Adrianna Paniak and Steven Todd


Adrianna Paniak

Cleo is a strange girl. Happy at home, happy at school. So what’s her beef? And why the graffiti?

Box Office 01843 863 701


Now added:


Gravesend fringe festival August 8th 7.30, August 14th and 15th at 8.30

"Upstairs at the Western" in Leicester on the 17th October

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